The top 24 athletes in the final all-events standings qualify for match play Masters, seeded 1-24. The top 8 receive a first-round bye. The athletes will retain their seeding throughout the five steps single-elimination match play in best-of-three games format.

All matches will be played on the 41-foot Montreal lane conditioning pattern by using World Bowling’s Current Frame Scoring system. In each step the highest seeded athlete will be matched against the lowest seeded athlete, the second highest against the second lowest, and so on.

In each match the highest seeded athlete will choose whether he wants to begin the first game on the left or on the right lane. In the second game the starting lane of the athletes will be opposite to the first game and in a possible third game the starting lane of the athletes will be the same as in the first game.

The field will be trimmed to 16, 8, 4 and then 2 athletes who will determine the gold medal winner. The loser of the championship match receives the silver medal, the losers of the semi-final matches both receive a bronze medal.

In case of a tie in the Masters, a one-ball roll-off will be played and repeated until the tie is broken.

Girls’ Match Play Masters Round of 16 – Match-ups
Friday, March 22 from 10:30 to 12:00 CET
(best-of-three games; winners advance, losers eliminated)
#1 Hong Soree, KOR vs. #23 Rhian Dobinson, ENG
#2 Mila Nevalainen, FIN vs. #21 Franziska Czech, GER
#3 Peppi Konsteri, FIN vs. #20 Polina Shutova, RUS
#4 Arianne Tay, SGP vs. #18 Norel Nuevo, PHI
#5 Iliana Salinas, MEX vs. #17 Mabel Cummins, USA
#6 Quek Lu Yi, SGP vs. #14 Grace Gella, PHI
#7 Sofia Sanchez, GUA vs. #11 Sara Duque, COL
#8 Isabel Allen, ENG vs. #9 Jeong Youngseon, KOR
Live Streaming

Boys’ Match Play Masters Round of 16 – Match-ups
Friday, March 22 from 8:00 to 9:30 CET
(best-of-three games; winners advance, losers eliminated)
#1 Ji Geun, KOR vs. #24 Solomon Salama, USA
#2 Pyry Puharinen, FIN vs. #19 Diego Aguilar, GUA
#3 Park Donghyuk, KOR vs. #18 Austin Taylor, ENG
#4 Anthony Neuer, USA vs. #17 Alex Yu, HKG
#5 Jesse Ahokas, FIN vs. #13 Laurynas Narusis, LTU
#6 Maximiliano Lopez, MEX vs. #12 Xavier Teo, SGP
#7 Patrick Weichert, GER vs. #11 Manuel Ordaz, MEX
#8 Paul-Sullivan Purps, GER vs. #10 Tseng Hung-En, TPE
Live Streaming

Girls’ Match Play Masters Round of 24
Thursday, March 21, from 15:30 to 17:00 CET
(best-of-three games; winners advance, losers eliminated)
#9 Jeong Youngseon, KOR, def. #24 Amy Shoesmith, AUS, 2-0
#23 Rhian Dobinson, ENG, def. #10 Kamerin Peters, USA, 2-1
#11 Sara Duque, COL, def. #22 Dora Soos, ROU, 2-0
#21 Franziska Czech, GER, def. #12 Keyla Covarrubias, MEX, 2-1
#20 Polina Shutova, RUS, def. #13 Emma Friant, FRA, 2-1
#14 Grace Gella, PHI, def. #19 Sophie Martin, AUS, 2-0
#18 Norel Nuevo, PHI, def. #15 Victoria Kashirskaya, RUS, 2-1
#17 Mabel Cummins, USA, def. #16 Natalie Groll, GER, 2-0
Live Streaming

Boys’ Match Play Masters Round of 24
Thursday, March 21, from 13:00 to 14:30 CET
(best-of-three games; winners advance, losers eliminated)
#19 Diego Aguilar, GUA, def. #14 Hugo Bonnefoy, FRA, 2-1
#11 Manuel Ordaz, MEX, def. #22 Danielle Evangelista, PHI, 2-0
#10 Tseng Hung-En, TPE, def. #23 Maxim Landau, RUS, 2-1
#13 Laurynas Narusis, LTU, def. #20 Cameron Stein, AUS, 2-0
#18 Austin Taylor, ENG, def. #15 Patrick Nuqui, PHI, 2-0
#24 Solomon Salama, USA, def. #9 Eugene Yeo, SGP, 2-0
#12 Xavier Teo, SGP, def. #2, Faisal Saleem, KUW, 2-0
#17 Alex Yu, HKG, def. #16 Mykola Sielin, UKR, 2-0
Live Streaming

105 of the world’s best young bowlers, age 18 and under, take part in the first edition of the World Junior Bowling Championships and compete on the 41-foot Montreal oil pattern for medals in five disciplines – singles, doubles, mixed team, all-events and masters – from March 18-23.

For the first time in the history of Bowling World Championships the Current Frame Scoring system will be used at the World Junior Bowling Championships. The new system has been used in previous World Bowling Tour events, Asian Bowling Federation Tour Finals and the Asian Games.

In the Current Frame Scoring system, a strike counts for 30 pins, a spare counts for 10, plus the first-ball count and an open frame counts for actual pins knocked down. The 10th frame counts the same as all other frames. Maximum score is still 300.

The first three events each feature six games of preliminaries, with the top four in each division advancing to their respective semifinals. Gold, silver and bronze all-events medals will be awarded in each division based on 18-game pinfall totals, and the top 24 girls and top 24 boys will advance to the masters portion of the event.

All of the preliminaries and semifinals will be held at 28-lane Plaza Bowling in Saint-Maximin, France, about 40 miles outside of the capital city of Paris, with the addition of the singles finals. All other gold medal matches will be contested on a special two-lane installation inside the Judo Institute in the center of Paris, and seating will be available for perhaps 1,000 people.

The World Junior Bowling Championships will be livestreamed by World Bowling and there will be full television broadcast of the championship matches, which will air on global commercial channels and the Olympic Channel in other areas. All medal ceremonies, including singles, will also be conducted at the Judo Institute between the matches.

For more information about the 2019 World Junior Championships, click here.

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